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Welcome to Central Hockey Club

Central Hockey Club (CHC) is one of the leading field hockey organizations in Cape Town, South Africa. Established in 1993, CHC promotes hockey at all levels of the game for Boys, Girls, Men and Ladies.

Central News 2017 # 24

Outdoor Leagues have now reached the business end of the season. Best wishes to all squads in their efforts to achieve objectives.

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Vacancies - School Sport & Culture Coaches - Metro Central

Vygieskraal Community Outreach Projects 2017 should benefit from this new development. This is a great opportunity for CHC members / non-members with an interest in developing sport and culture for local primary and high school learners. Please note, deadline for applications is Friday 11 August 2017 (see School Sports Bulletin). Successful applicants will commence duty in October 2017.

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Central News 2017 # 23

WP Senior Outdoor League fixtures (Ladies & Men) 2nd Round commence Saturday 29 July and Sunday 30 July.

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Central News 2017 # 22

Remember to tune in to Supersport for coverage of the World League Semi Finals taking place at in Johannesburg until 23 July. CHC players representing SA are Quanita Bobbs (Ladies) and Dayaan Cassiem, Ryan Julius (Men). Check the SA Hockey website for updates.

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Central News 2017 # 21

Several zonal, provincial, national hockey events are taking place during the mid year break. For more information, visit CHC facebook / instagram, WPHU / SAHA websites.

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CHC News 2017 # 20 - Wrap Up

All squads (youth & seniors) are on a break from training for this week. See details below.

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