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Another Successfull Strategic Planning Meeting

Central Hockey Club's SPM "Planning for 2014 (21st Anniversary Year) and Beyond" delivered a wealth of new thinking which promises a full and action-packed program.



Facilitator Karl Smith, who came on board in 2011 continued to provide an excellent service.  His expert guidance provided a measure of continuity.

NTN Accounting Services (Theresa and Natasha Hair) provided exciting feedback on CHC's NPO status.  All requirements for full compliance have been met! This is a major achievement thanks to the input and guidance provided by NTN Accounting Services since they came on board in 2013.  The stage is now set to launch into a new period of fiscal governance and greater potential for new income streams.

Parents/Supporters provided invaluable input and at the same time gained greater insight into the CHC culture.  This has exciting prospects for growing the CHC resource base.


The agenda was unpacked and discussions will continue at the Club House on Thursday 21 November (19h00-21h00) facilitated by CHC Head Coach Wayne Hendricks.