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Minutes from WP Umpires Meeting

Western Province Umpires Association held a special meeting on 22 May 2013 to address club managers, coaches and umpires.


Western Province Umpires Association

Special Meeting - Held on 22th of May 2013

Time: 19h00 – till 20h00

Venue: Hartleyvale


Clubs: MGC + MTC + LTV + Managers/Coaches/Captains +UMPIRES




1. Dress Code

    1.1 Clubs official colours

    1.2 Shirts + Numbers for match

    1.3 Shorts/skirts

    1.4 Socks


    2. Captain

    2.1 All team Captain’s must wear a Captains armband during a match. VC must all be identifiable in case of Captain off the field.

    2.2 Responsible for his/hers players on the field and bench at all times

    2.3 Captains to sign and hand over COMPLETED MATCH CARDS to each other before starting of the match and

    handing these match cards to umpires after the game for their signatures. See further League rules 6.1 Match Cards.


    • 18 player squad includes 2 Goalkeepers
    • 16 player squad – one Goalkeeper
    • Identity document can be ask for


    2.3UN REGISTERED PLAYER – regarded as fraud – Extract from league Rules:

    1.4 Should a team use an unregistered player in a league match, the match shall be awarded to the opposition. The defaulting team will also incur a fine of R500.

    2.4 Player TRANGRESSION

    3. During Play

    3.1 Injured player to be substituted as quickly as possible (2minutes off the field)

    3.2 Injury – Blood – immediately treated off the field (Coach only)

    3.3 Umpires Flash card to be recorded on MATCH cards by Umpires


    4. Players

      4.1 Spitting – lets clean that habit up

      4.2 No watches to be worn by payers during the match.

      4.3 Bad Language – automatic RED (Yellow) Card

      4.4 AGGRESSSION – Players – towards Umpires

      4.5 Player substitution done from the center of the field


      5. Umpire

        5.1 Allocation Umpires ( Player Umpires)

        5.2 MATCH CARD

        5.3 Check numbers and players Full name entered on match card – Make sure that all players are entered on the match sheet before signing opposition’s card.

        5.4 Control of Green/Yellow/Red card given. Details to be forward to the Union

        Note: Red card given – verbal notification within 24hour to WPH Umpires Association followed with written report


        6. Rules

          6.1 Overheads general – Overheads in Circle

          6.2 Obstruction stick – Obstruction general

          6.3 PC – Striker shot at goal lifted above and below knee (distance of player and striker)

          6.4 PC – Defending player move to early action

          6.5 Free HIT

          6.6 Goal Keeping/Player Masks

          FIH News: Tournaments Experiment PC time 45Sec. } To check with SAHA

          Tournament Semi Final – straight Penalty Shoot out. } implementation??


          7. General

            7.1 Night Games vs Day Games

            7.2 LIGHTS

            7.3 Coaches aggression towards Umpires – Not acceptable

            7.4 CODE OF CONDUCT – Must be signed by all clubs

            7.5 Match Referee – Will be appointed if need be.