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Fish at the Grand Masters World Champs

Long time Central member Edmund "Fish" Fisher represented South Africa in the Grand Masters 2014 World Cup in Holland earlier this year.

All the games were played at the same venue, Klein Zwitzerland Hockey Club, on 2 water-based astros and 5 sand-based astros.

Edmund says "The quality of hockey was great, however, we had little game time as a squad.  The opposing teams were good and skillful and had the advantage of having toured and played together before coming to the tournament."

Participants had tickets to the main SA Mens and Ladies games also in the Hague. At the main World Cup village venue, the prominent colour was orange for Holland.  Hockey equipment "for Africa" of all sort were on display. The main World Cup pitch was inside a soccer stadium and the B pitch was laid next to the main pitch specially for the World Cup.   

“It was a good experience being there and representing South Africa”, said Edmund.