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CHC News 2017 # 9

D-Day is imminent! Week # 1 Senior fixtures commence this weekend. Best wishes to all squads.

PLEASE NOTE:  Installation of new floodlights is scheduled to commence Monday 24 April.  Senior Division training continues at Pinelands HS astro.

Youth Division training continues at Vygieskraal astro


Senior Division

WPHU Senior Outdoor Leagues commence Saturday 22 April. Several late adjustments have been necessary.  If not uploaded on website, watch your emails or be in direct contact with coaches.

Youth Division

CHC Girls u/14 fixtures commence Saturday 6 May.  CHC Boys u/14 fixtures have been suspended until further notice.

WPHU Club u/13 (Girls and Boys) Saturday League fixtures to commence 6 May 2017


Senior Division training schedule for next week:

Monday 24 April               (18h30-20h30)    LGR at Pinelands HS

Tuesday 25 April              (18h30-20h30)    MGC & MGR at Pinelands HS

Wednesday 26 April         (18h30-20h00)    L3 & L4 at Hartleyvale B

Thursday 27 April             (18h30-19h30)    LGR at Pinelands HS Mini Astro

                                      (18h30-20h00)    MTC & M4 at PinelandsHS astro

                                      (19h30-21h00)    MGC & MGR at Pinelands HS astro

Youth Division training schedule for next week:

Thursday 27 April          (17h00-18h00)  Boys and Girls u/14

Friday 28 April              (17h30-19h00)  Boys and Girls u/13

Saturday 29 April          (10h00-11h00)  Mini Hockey training (u/10)


All players to be registered and paid up before playing.


Office Hours for next week:

Wednesday 26 April          (17h30-19h00)

Thursday 27 April              (17h30-19h00)

Friday 28 April                   (17h30-19h00)

Saturday 29 April              (09h30-13h30)