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CHC News 2017 # 7

PLEASE NOTE: All Senior training (Ladies and Men) for this week will take place at Pinelands HS astro. This arrangment may continue until the new floodlights are installed at Vygieskraal. Installation is scheduled for April. Youth training (Girls and Boys) will continue at Vygieskraal.



Training schedule for this week at Pinelands HS astro:

Monday 3 April                  (18h30-20h30)    All Senior Ladies

Tuesday 4 April                 (18h30-20h30)    Men’s A Squad

Wednesday 5 April           No Senior Division training

Thursday 6 April                (18h30-20h00)    Men’s B Squad

                                          (19h30-21h00)    Men’s A Squad


Training schedule for this week at Vygieskraal astro:

Thursday 6 April           (17h00-18h00)  Boys and Girls u/14

Friday 7 April                (17h30-19h00)  Boys and Girls u/13

Saturday 8 April            (10h00-11h00)  Mini Hockey training (u/10)

Senior and Youth fixtures have been published and in process of being verified for upcoming Outdoor Leagues 2017. 


Due to Cape Town water restrictions, the IPT scheduled for Cape Town has now been shifted to Johannesburg from Monday 24 – Sunday 30 April 2017.

Congratulations to the following Central players / officials selected for WP Teams:

LADIES A TEAM:  Quanita Bobbs

MEN A TEAM:  Bernard Greybe, Dayaan Cassiem, Jason Mulder, Pierre De Voux, Jody Erasmus, Ryan Julius

MEN PENINSULA TEAM:  Chris Louw, Lance De Kock, Luthando Jonas, Michael Mulder, Raaghib Fredericks, Mikhail Mannel   MANAGER:  Nathan Diedericks NTR Thulani Mnani 


Projects completed:

SAHA Stakeholders Meeting at Club House Monday 27 February (18h00-20h00)

Gary Dolley did a presentation on the SAHA Modified Hockey Strategy, an innovative approach to promoting hockey to primary schools as part of the official physical education curriculum.

Coaching Course – Level 0 at the Club House Saturday 4 March (10h00-14h00)

A successful course presented  by Jason Mulder was attended by 23 participants representing a range of stakeholders with a commitment to community development.  

The SAHA accredited course was made possible through a WPHU grant. 

Umpires Course – Introduction to Hockey “Huizbezoek” at Club House Saturday 18 March (10h00-12h00)

Slots were allocated on a “first come first served” basis.  

Youth Hockey Festival – Saturday 25 March (09h00-14h00)

A huge thank you to all members, parents, supporters who assisted on the day. Activities were informed by SAHA’s Modified Hockey Strategy which is aligned to the National Sports Plan.  This is in line with CHC’s commitment to delivering “Education through Sport” and the City’s commitment to deliver “Education through Recreation”.    The Festival provided a platform for stakeholders to showcase their contributions in a range of community development activities.  At the same time Vygieskraal saw the introduction of Modified Hockey 5s with sideboards courtesy of service provider 9 Pro Sports (more about this later).

Projects pending:

Umpires Course - Level 0 at the Club House (date & time in April tbd)

Participants who attended the "Introduction to Umpiring" session have signed up pending confirmation of date / time.

Primary Schools Neighbourhood Leagues 2017

This project is informed by the SAHA Modified Hockey Strategy which is being rolled out throughout the country.  In the Western Cape Region the project is supported by Western Province Hockey Union (WPHU), Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport (DCAS) and Western Cape Education Department (WCED).  Vygieskraal will serve as a HUB for 8 primary schools in District Central (Athlone area). Clubs are to present projects to WPHU on Monday 3 April (19h00). 

WPHU Club u/13 Saturday League 2017

WPHU reports that 11 girls and 11 boys U13 club team entered for the  new u13 league.  If there is still a club that would like to enter the u13 league (1 x boys, 1 x girls), the deadline is Friday 31 March.

This will conclude groundwork for Primary Schools Outreach activities commencing April 2017


WPHU Deadline for all categories of membership was Friday 31 March 2017.  Information available on website / facebook.


Office Hours:

Friday 31 March                (17h30-19h30)

Saturday 1 April                (10h00-11h00)

Thursday 6 April               (17h00-19h00)

Friday 7 April                    (17h30-19h30)

Saturday 8 April               (10h00-11h00)

Date Day Time Event Venue
31-Mar Fri   Deadline - WPHU Registrations  
31-Mar Fri   Deadline - WP Club u/13 Saturday League  
31-Mar Fri   SCHOOLS CLOSE  
31-Mar Fri 17:30-19:30 CHC Administrator on duty CHC Office
31-Mar Fri 17:30-19:30 CHC U/13 Boys & Girls training Vygies Astro


Date Day Time Event Venue
01-Apr Sat 08:00-13:00 Muslim Assembly Vygies grass fields
01-Apr Sat 10:00-11:00 CHC Minis training  
04-Apr Tues   Floodlights - Maritz Electrical On Site (tbc) Vygies Astro
05-Apr Wed   WPHU On Line Registration Workshop Hartleyvale
06-Apr Thur 19:00-21:00 CHC Executive Meeting Club House
08-Apr Sat   Event Club House
2-9 Apr     Golden Oldies Hockey Festival WPCC
12, 13, 14 Apr     Australian Wanderers (2 Ladies, 1 Men) ages 18-60 yrs Vygies Astro
14-Apr Fri-Sun   KC March Easter Hockey Festival Bloemfontein
17-Apr Mon   FAMILY DAY  
17-Apr Mon 09:00-12:00 WP Girls Combine 3 - U/16 IPT trials Hartleyvale B
17-Apr Mon 11:-13:00 WP Girls Combined 4 - U/18 IPT trials Hartleyvale A
18-Apr Tues   SCHOOLS OPEN  
18-Apr Tues 15:00-17:45 Girls U/13 Zonal TRIALS (WP Trials Round 1) Herchelle
19-Apr Wed   Neighbourhood Leagues (tbc) Vygies Astro
20-Apr Thur 15:00-18:00 Girls U/13 Zonal TRIALS (WP Trials Round 1) Herchelle
21-Apr Fri 15:00-17:30 Boys U/13 Zonal TRIALS (WP Trials Round 1) Oude Moulen
21-Apr Fri 15:30-18:00 WP Girls U/14 North Zonal trials H/vale A
21-Apr Fri 15:30-18:00 WP Girls U/14 South Zonal trials H/vale B
22-Apr Sat   Senior Fixtures Commence  
23-Apr Sun 09:00-12:00 Boys U/13 Zonal Trials (WP Trials Round 1) Oude Moulen
23-Apr Sun   SPAR Hockey Tournament Pinelands
23-Apr Sun tbc WP Zonal trials Vygies Astro
24-29 Apr Mon-Sun   Senior Mens & Ladies IPT Johannesburg
27-Apr Thur   FREEDOM DAY  
27-Apr Thur   Girls U/14 Zonal trials Herschel TBC
30-Apr Sun tbc WP Zonal trials Mouton