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CHC News 2017 # 13

See separate item "Fixtures Week 4". Vygieskraal Hockey Complex and Athletics Stadium will be a hive of activity on Saturday 13 May (08h00-20h00). WP Majorettes and Cheerleaders Union is staging a major event at the stadium. Hockey grass fields, as for athletics, will be used by "drummies" for preparation and some hockey parking for overflow.


Installation of floodlights has been delayed by 24hours.  Completion date is now evening of Sunday 14 May 2017.  Training for Week 5, commencing Monday 15 May, will therefore return to Vygieskraal under new improved lighting!

Training arrangements for this week will continue at away venues - Pinelands HS astro and Hartleyvale B.  Youth Division training continues at Vygieskraal astro.


See message from Robyn Morgan, WPHU  (10 May)



Coaches / Managers MUST submit match reports by NLT  COB MONDAYS!

Player’s  name and surname MUST be on the scorecard

Player ID/Student card or Drivers licence must be available at every official fixture

Disciplinary Matters:

WPHU has implemented fines for players who misbehave on the field. Please note:

  • A player receiving a red card - R500.
  • A player receiving a yellow card for umpire abuse - R200
  • A player swearing on the field – R100 (this fine will only be applied if a player is issued with a card for swearing on the field)

 Fines must be paid in full to the club before players are allowed to take the field again.


1. M6 League

A total of ten entries have been received. All teams will play each other twice on a round robin basis.

2. L5 League

A total of eight entries have been received. All teams will play each other twice on a round robin basis.

3. U13 Leagues

M13 consists of ten entries, and L13 consists of 12 entries. All teams will play each other once on a round robin basis.

a. Matches will consist of two halves of 20 minutes each, with a 5 halftime break. In M13,there is a maximum 15 minute break between the     end of a match and the start of the next match. In L13, there is a maximum 5 minute break between the end of a match and the start of the next match. If a match starts late, the halftime break should be adjusted so that the match finishes 5 minutes before the scheduled start of the next match.

b. The league points system in section 5 (for “all other leagues” in paragraph 5.1) of the league rules shall apply. If a match is conceded, the points and score will be recorded as indicated in paragraph 5.1 and paragraph 5.6.

c. Matches shall not be postponed, including due to inclement weather or an unplayable field. Fixtures not completed shall therefore be recorded as unplayed, with no score or points allocated. A fixture shall be deemed to be completed if play is suspended or abandoned after at least 10 minutes in the second half have elapsed.

d. Teams must provide their own umpires.

e. All players shall be registered, and therefore identification as per section 2 of the league rules shall apply.

f. Team colours should be as similar as possible to the senior club, and all players in the team should wear similar kit.

g. Age of players – Players should not be younger than 11 yrs of age or in grade 6 and not older than 13 –In order to qualify to be U13 a player must have been 12yrs old on the 1st Jan 2017.

h. All parents/legal guardians must sign the WP Hockey u13 Indemnity form in order to allow the child to participate in the WPHU u13 league. If the form is not signed then the onus of any claim arising from the child’s participation in the U13 league will become the sole responsibility of the club whom entered the child into the league.


Senior Division training schedule for next week:

Monday 8 May                   (18h30-20h30)    LGR & L3 at Pinelands HS

Tuesday 9 May                  (18h30-20h30)    MGC & MGR at Pinelands HS

Wednesday 10 May           (18h30-20h00)    L3 & L4 at Hartleyvale B

Thursday 11 May               (18h30-19h30)    LGR at Pinelands HS Mini astro

                                           (18h30-20h00)    MTC & M4 at PinelandsHS astro

                                           (19h30-21h00)    MGC & MGR at Pinelands HS astro

Youth Division training schedule for next week:

Friday 12 May               (17h30-19h00)  Boys and Girls u/13

Saturday 13 May           (10h00-11h00)  Mini Hockey  (u/10)


All players to be registered and paid up before playing. 


Office Hours for this week:

Friday 12 May                      (17h30-19h00)

Saturday 13 May                 (09h30-13h30)