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CHC NEWS 2016 # 7


Full and final payment is due end-May.

Training Times:

Ladies Division   Monday & Wednesday   (18h30-21h00)

Men’s Division   Tuesday & Thursday       (18h30-21h00)

Girls & Boys      Wednesdays                   (17h00-18h30)

                          Friday                             (18h30-20h30)

Minis                 Saturday                         (10h00-11h00)

Special Hockey Office Hours for Week # 6:

Monday               18h30-20h00

Tuesday              18h30-20h00

Wednesday        18h30-20h00

Thursday            18h30-20h00

Friday                 18h30-20h00

Saturday            09h30-11h30

Points to note:

1. WPHU Code of Conduct:  all clubs are signatories to this document.  Greater awareness needs to be generated among all CHC members / parents / supporters.

2. Communications: Social Media policy to be revisited particularly positive use of “whatsapp” as communication tool.

3. Management of Rules & Technical Requirements: the Umpires Convenor and CHC umpires need the cooperation and support  managers, coaches, players to ensure that all protocols are observed, particularly in managing the technical area. 

4. Ball Boys / Girls for GC Sunday 15 May:  an important compulsory function with many positive spin offs for Youth Development

PLEASE NOTE:  Rygate Soccer fields are being resurfaced.  Mini Soccer is being  accommodated on the Vygieskraal Grass Fields until end- June 2016 (08h00-13h00).  Hockey ablution facilities are out of bounds for soccer users.   



Cell:  084 800 0844