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CHC NEWS 2016 # 4

NEWS FLASH! Youth Training Friday 22 April (18h00-20h30) cancelled due to inclement weather. Saturday and Sunday activities continue as scheduled.



CHC Youth and Senior players MUST register / make 2016 payments before participating in Week # 3  fixtures.

Training Times:

Ladies Division                  Monday & Wednesday   (18h30-21h00)

Men’s Division                   Tuesday & Thursday      (18h30-21h00)

Girls & Boys                      Wednesdays                  (17h00-18h30

                                        Fridays                          (18h00-20h30)

Minis                                 Saturdays                      (10h00-11h00)

Hockey Office Hours:

Tuesdays           18h00-20h00

Wednesdays      18h00-20h00

Thursdays          18h00-20h00

Saturdays           09h30-11h30

PLEASE NOTE:  Rygate Soccer fields are being resurfaced.  Mini Soccer is being  accommodated on the Vygieskraal Grass Fields from April to June 2016 (08h00-13h00). Hockey ablution facilities are out of bounds.  Soccer must use the Athletic Stadium ablution facilities. The situation has been a bit chaotic and attempts are being made to improve the situation.

Thank you for your continued interest and support.