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Central News 2017 # 27

Senior Fixtures end Saturday 9 September. Give it your all for the few remaining games! Still lots of action to follow thereafter. Watch this space.


Turfhall Junior Soccer (age groups u/8, u/10) activities will continue at Vygieskraal grass fields until Saturday 9 September (08h00-13h00) 


AN URGENT APPEAL TO ALL PARENTS / PLAYERS:   to date  8 local primary schools have signed up for the programme, a total of about 200 learners. Most learners do not have appropriate astro footwear which is a huge handicap .  A donation of no longer needed astro footwear will be appreciated.  All sizes welcome since local high schools are also starting up hockey activities.  When you next visit Vygieskraal, donations can be dropped off at the CHC Hockey Office.  Thank you for your support!


Youth Division:

Friday 25 August               (18h00-19h30)    Girls and Boys u/13.  

Saturday 26 August           (10h00-11h00)   Minis - Boys and Girls u/10


PLEASE NOTE: Players will not be eligible for selection the 2nd round of fixtures unless their accounts are settled in fullHardcopies of member accounts are available from the CHC Office.


Office Hours for this week:

Friday 25 August                 (18h00-19h30)

Saturday 26 August            (09h30-13h30)

For emergencies contact - Bobbs Cell:  065 843 3819  Email: