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Central News 2017 # 24

Outdoor Leagues have now reached the business end of the season. Best wishes to all squads in their efforts to achieve objectives.

PLEASE NOTE:            

  • WPHU Club u/13 League fixtures resume Saturday 5 August
  • International Visitors:  Loretto School Girls u/18  (2 games) at Vygieskraal Sunday 6 August(13h00-17h00)
  • Turfhall Junior Soccer (age groups u/8, u/10) activities continue at Vygieskraal grass fields Saturday 5 August (08h00-13h00)


Primary Schools Neighbourhood League:

This initiative is informed by the SAHA Junior Modified Hockey Strategy being rolled out by provincial hockey federations across the country.  Groundwork was done for much of the 2nd term to promote Vygieskraal Hockey Complex as a HUB to service local primary schools.  Eight (8) local primary schools have signed up, viz.  Bridgeville, Cypress, Norma Road, Silverlea, Blossom Street, Vanguard, Thornton Road, Woodland.  A 3rd term programme commenced at Vygieskraal on Wednesday 2 August (15h00-17h00) and scheduled to end Friday 15 September (14h00-17h00).  The response has been encouraging.  Momentum is growing but there is still much more to be done.  This initiative is supported by SAHA, SASHOC, WPHU, DCAS, WCED, CCT, CSI Contributions / Donations

A team of support staff is being developed.  Stipends are available for a HUB coordinator and coaches.  Also, see website for vacancies advertised for local schools. 

Extra Mural Activities for Vygieskraal primary school learners:

These activities are conducted under the auspices of Recreation and Parks, City of Cape Town.  In recent times more resources have become available for a range of activities with the growing  support of a variety of stakeholders.  CHC’s partnership with the City  through the Vygieskraal Hockey Complex Facility Management Committee (VHCMFMC) plays a leading role in these activities.  In this way hockey is assured of being an integral part of the many activities on offer.

As always, volunteers and supporters (members or non-members) are welcome.  This is a community activity open to all.  If interested in being involved or contributing in any way (big or small), please be in touch with Ron Hendrickse, Facilitator: Outreach Projects  (see contact details below).


Senior Division:

Monday 31 July               (18h30-20h30)     LGR & L3 

Tuesday 1 August            (18h30-20h30)    MGC & MGR

Wednesday 2 August       (18h30-20h00)    L3 & L4         

                                         (19h30-21h00)    LGR

                                         (20h00-21h00)    M6

Thursday 3 August           (18h30-20h00)    MTC & M4

                                         (20h00-21h30)    MGC & MGR

Youth Division:


Friday 4 August                (18h00-19h30)  Boys and Girls u/13

Saturday 5 August            (10h00-11h00)  Minis - Boys and Girls u/10


PLEASE NOTE: Players will not be eligible for selection the 2nd round of fixtures unless their accounts are settled in fullHardcopies of member accounts are available from the CHC Office.


Office Hours for this week:

Wednesday 2 August       (18h30-20h00)   

Thursday 3 August            (18h30-20h00)

Friday 4 August                 (18h00-19h30)

Saturday 5 August            (09h30-13h30)

For emergencies contact - Bobbs Cell:  065 843 3819  Email: