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Central News 2017 # 23

WP Senior Outdoor League fixtures (Ladies & Men) 2nd Round commence Saturday 29 July and Sunday 30 July.

PLEASE NOTE:            

  •  WPHU Club u/13 League is on a break.  Fixtures resume Saturday 5 August
  • WPHU Outdoor League  has been on a break.  Fixtures resume Saturday 29 July.
  • International Visiting School Teams:  CHC will be hosting fixtures at Vygieskraal Sunday 30 July (08h00-15h00)
  • Turfhall Junior Soccer (age groups u/8, u/10) activities continue at Vygieskraal grass fields Saturday 29 July (08h00-13h00)


Senior Division:

Monday 24 July                  (18h30-20h30)   LGR & L3 

Tuesday 25 July                 (18h30-20h30)    MGC & MGR

Wednesday 26 July            (18h30-20h00)    L3 & L4         

                                           (19h30-21h00)    LGR

                                           (20h00-21h00)    M6

Thursday 27 July               (18h30-20h00)    MTC & M4

                                          (20h00-21h30)    MGC & MGR

Youth Division:

Friday 28 July                     (18h00-19h30)  Boys and Girls u/13

Saturday 29 July                (10h00-11h00)  Minis - Boys and Girls u/10


PLEASE NOTE: Players will not be eligible for selection for the 2nd round of fixtures unless their accounts are settled in full by NLT Saturday, 29 July 2017. Hardcopies of member accounts are available from the CHC Office.


Office Hours for this week:

Wednesday 26 July             (18h30-20h00)   

Thursday 27 July                 (18h30-20h00)

Friday 28 July                      (18h00-19h30)

Saturday 29 July                  (09h30-13h30)

For emergencies contact - Bobbs Cell:  065 843 3819  Email: