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Another successful bosberaad

CHC conducted a successful Strategic Planning Meeting (Bosberaad) at the Club House, Vygieskraal on Saturday 12 November 2011 from 10h00 to 16h00.


Karl Smith


For the second year running CHC was privileged to have Karl Smith as a Facilitator. Karl is a former Senior Executive: Southern Region of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants and owner of Execu Edge Consulting – a successful consulting and Trainer Company specializing in business networking and referral skills training, business relationship and other corporate learning, He has published several works on related topics.



Armien Bobbs, Wendy Hendricks, Ron Hendrickse, Lindsay Petersen, Nathan Diedericks, Lionel Africa, Lyndon Mungur, Fatima Hendricks, Noleen Cloete (not in pics – Oscar Hendricks, Mike Metcalfe, Lindsay De Kock, Zeenat Patel-Kaskar, Wayne Weitz)


Bosberaad 2012 - 1/2




Proceedings kicked off with a review of Strategic Plan 2011. The scorecard checklist revealed a highly satisfactory performance in most categories. Under performance in certain areas were noted and revisited in Session 1. This fairly comprehensive exercise covered most of the groundwork for Session 1.


Bosberaad 2012 2/2




Administration, Finance, Marketing, Communications, Fundraising, Facilities

Valuable input was provided by observer/participant Zeenat Patel-Kaskar whose expertise and guidance on governance and organizational matters has been available to CHC during 2011. Zeenat is working on a new CHC Marketing Plan will be unveiled by end January 2012 when she is also likely to come on board “officially” as CHC’s Fundraiser.


Karl Smith’s report will be incorporated into the Strategic Plan 2012.



Coaching, Leagues, Umpires

This session was facilitated by Armien Bobbs. Notes from these discussions will be fleshed out at Special MANCO Sessions, and incorporated into the Strategic Plan 2012 before end November 2011.


A big thank you to -- Karl Smith for his expert facilitation; Zeenat Patel-Kaskar for her informative insights; all participants for their constructive contributions.


Last but not least, thank you to the “hot bodies” who made it all happen – communications, venue preparation, eats and refreshments.