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CHC News 2016 - Wrap Up

Since the Outdoor Winter Season ended 30 September 2016, action has continued non stop.  

CHC Youth and Seniors members have been involved in Indoor and Outdoor hockey activities during  October / November / December.  

At the same time planning for 2017 continued unabated with some fundraisers thrown in for good measure.  

All indicators point to an exciting but challenging 2017. 


Sportways “Special” Clinics for boys and girls (Ages 13-18) @ Wynberg Astro, Wednesday 4 January 2017 (16h00-19h00):

Sportways has extended an invitation to CHC and two other clubs to  send  30 learners each.  This is a once-off target of opportunity for CHC Youth to participate in a top class hockey clinic conducted by leading Dutch coaches for boys and girls ages 13-18 years --  AT NO COST.  Enquiries to be directed to:

Jason Mulder (Chief Operations Office)   Cell: 0832556501   Email:

 Vygieskraal Holiday Program “Back to School” @ Athletic Stadium, Thursday 5 January (10h00-13h00)

Holiday activities for local primary school learners have been coordinated by the Shahied Adams (Principal Facility Officer, Vygieskraal, Sport and Recreation, COCT) and a committee comprised of various stakeholders including athletics, softball and hockey .  Five sessions were successfully completed, viz. Monday 12, Tuesday 13, Wednesday 14, Thursday 15, Wednesday  21 December 2016.  This program will be concluded with the  “Back to School” event.  An extended “recreation and education” outreach program is being planned for 2017.  Hockey will have centre stage for the period February, March (watch this space).

 International Tests / Training Matches – Cape Town January-February: 

Vygieskraal’s water-based astro will be in demand for training and possibly practice matches.  The Chinese Ladies have already earmarked several dates / times.  Arrangements to be confirmed.  There are possible spin offs for CHC Youth.

 WP Schools Pre-Trial Preparation for CHC Girls and Boys @ Vygieskraal

Activities should start up in February – dates / times to be determined.

 Pre Season / In Season Training:

Appointment of CHC Coaches Team 2017 to be endorsed by CHC Exco 12 January 2017.  Details will be available in the new year.

Youth Hockey Festival @ Vygieskraal, Saturday 25 March

There will be greater focus on participation of local primary schools learners and educators  through the extended Vygieskraal Holiday Program and Neigbourhood League.  Modified Hockey 5s will be  the foundation these activities.  Capacity building for entry level coaches, umpires, administrators are being planned for February and March leading up to this event.

 KCM Easter Hockey Festival @ Bloemfontein, Friday 14 – Sunday 16 April:

Planning is already under way.  Deadline for entries:  31 January.  


All organisations are subjected to constant change. SA Hockey will not be immune.  Going forward, all members (officials / players / supporters) need to have a greater awareness of the legal framework in which we are required to operate. 

 Key Dates:  

CHC Exco Meeting - Thursday 12 January 2017

SGM / AGM Thursday - Thursday 23 February 2017


Revised Membership Application Forms and Season Fees 2017 will be endorsed by CHC Exco on Thursday 12 January.  Official registrations for all commences Wednesday 1 February.

PLEASE NOTE:  2016 arrears have to be paid before a 2017 application can be endorsed. All protocols will apply as of 1 February 2017.


Old floodlights which had long ago reached its sell by date have been removed.  Floodlight replacement is pending for January / February, if all goes according to plan. Further  repair and maintenance activities are scheduled for this period.

 Enjoy the break! It will soon be time to get out of the starting blocks to focus on core business -- HOCKEY!