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Disciplinary Committee


(As amended 6 November 2008)


  1. to act in the best interest of the club in order to promote and safeguard the interests of bona fide members of the club;
  2. to foster a spirit of fellowship, sportsmanship and harmony amongst members, other clubs and the governing body, WPHU;
  3. to settle all disputes between bona fide members, clubs, member(s) / club and WPHU;
  4. to ensure uniformity of DC action.


  1. the DC shall draw up and implement a code of conduct in the best interest of the club;
  2. matters can be referred from a club meeting or executive meeting to the DC;
  3. the DC decision is deemed to be the decision of the Central Hockey Club.


  1. the DC will consist of the President and two other nominated members;
  2. no member who has served a 15-week sentence may serve as a DC member before 3 seasons has expired;
  3. the DC remains in office until the next AGM;
  4. an alternate member to the DC is to be elected at the AGM.


  1. the DC shall meet within one week of a case being referred to it, unless directed otherwise by the executive;
  2. the quorum of the DC shall be 2/3 of its composition;
  3. notice for a DC meeting shall be given one week prior to the meeting;
  4. only written apologies will be entertained, but the DC can proceed in the absence of the person that has to appear before it;
  5. the President, who is the Chairman of the DC, has the casting and deliberate vote;
  6. if the majority of the members of the DC are present, then the results of the voting
  7. shall constitute a decision.


  1. the DC shall investigate cases referred to it by the club, a meeting, the executive or the WPHU;
  2. the DC hearing shall be chaired by the President or in his / her absence, by one of the nominated members;
  3. the DC hearing shall compose of the chairperson and at least one other DC member eho will take the role of the initiator;
  4. no DC member is allowed to testify, be an eyewitness, interpret, substantiate, elucidate, enlarge on evidence or offer an opinion while the case is under investigation;
  5. evidence can be given by the plaintiff, defendant or witness(es);
  6. at the first meeting of the club after the case has been decided upon, a copy of the decision of the sentence will be tabled by the DC.


If the DC is of the opinion that a member/official is guilty of the following appended punishable offences, it shall make a finding to that effect and shall have the power to :

  1. pass sentence;
  2. order that the member/official be excluded from membership of t he club;
  3. suspend sentence for a period not exceeding 5 years from membership.


  1. If the DC decides that a member/official is not guilty the case is closed and no further discussion will be entered into.
  2. If the DC decides on a guilty verdict it shall have the power to apply the sanction/s listed below.


  1. Verbal warning
  2. Written warning
  3. Final written warning
  4. Suspension
  5. Expulsion
  6. If the club has suffered financial losses, the club can recover the loss, over and above applying one of the above sanctions.


For all the offences below, the sentence will be determined according to the merit of each

  1. contempt of the club;
  2. insubordination;
  3. incitement;
  4. swearing;
  5. questioning an umpires decision;
  6. taking intoxicants / stimulants before, during or after matches;
  7. foul play;
  8. fighting / assault;
  9. walking off the field without permission;
  10. interfering with a club/union official during the execution of their duties;
  11. misconduct – any unsavoury behaviour not befitting players, officials or spectators at any club/union activity shall constitute misconduct;
  12. negligence of duty by an member / official;
  13. dereliction of duty by an official
  14. misappropriation of club money / assets;
  15. damage to club property/assets
  16. perjury.


  1. The defendant has the right to appeal against the outcome of a DC hearing;
  • the appeal follows after the DC has been requested to reconsider their initial decision and has submitted their reviewed decision to the defendant who is not fully satisfied;
  • the appeal against the DC’s decision is made to the club secretary to be tabled at the general meeting;
  • initial notice thereof is given to the club 14 days from the date of the DC decision and is accompanied by a R20.00 fee.
  • The DC shall be represented by the convenor or delegated member at such an appeal.
  • The defendant will be informed of the date, time and place of the Appeal Hearing
  • The Appeal Hearing shall be chaired by a delegated member, authorized by the Chairperson.
  • No member of the DC can be part of the Appeal Hearing.
  • The Appeal Hearing Chairperson’s decision upholding / reviewing the DC’s decision shall be final and binding and no further appeals will be entertained.
  • 11 . AMENDMENTS :

    The DC shall first consider any amendments proposed to the DC Procedure.
    All amendments must be tabled at the AGM / first General Meeting.